Tylerwolf. No description needed — look at it and see if you want it. Free for personal use.

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Sen – a Geohumanist sans, is Philatype’s first typeface released under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). Use it free for anything! Yep, even commercial purposes. Sen is a geometrically constructed sans-serif with a sensible, friendly look. Think of it as a more neutral version of geometric classics such as Avenir or Futura with a humanist touch. It’s unassuming, unique, and most importantly, easy to read.

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Regalia is an angular display face created with octagonal forms. There are 4 fonts to suit your needs. Regalia Basic and Regalia Basic Stamped includes only the alphabet and numerals; perfect for simple poster or logo work. For more comprehensive typesetting needs, you can find full character sets in Regalia and Regalia Stamped.

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Lovato is a family of five fonts, perfect for branding applications, books, or poster designs that require a clear, sharp, stylish tone. The styles range from an elegant, delicate light weight up to a brazen, commanding black weight. This original Latin-serif family has primarily a geometric construction, with hints of details inspired by inscriptional lettering, all coalescing to fit a contemporary palette.

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Tryst is a friendly and elegant contemporary text face, inspired by 18th century transitional types. Individually, the letterforms are soft and organic, but when set together, there’s a refreshing crispness about them. Designed for text sizes, Tryst still works beautifully as a display face, due to its fairly high stroke contrast.

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Merge Pro is a soft family of sans, available in 5 weights with character sets for Cyrillic and Greek. Readable at small sizes, it sets open and wide. At display sizes, the softness makes for a friendlier, more casual alternative to other rounded sans.

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Merge is a soft family of sans, available in 4 weights. Readable at small sizes, it sets open and wide. At display sizes, the softness makes for a friendlier, more casual alternative to other rounded sans.

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A square sans stripped down to basic, neutral shapes. Olney is primarily a display family with lighter weights that will remain legible at text sizes. The letterforms of Olney are designed to appear consistent, sturdy, and technical. Careful attention was given to the pure, almost modular forms, to ensure that the family looks timeless, rather than resorting to a contemporary or futuristic aesthetic. Each weight includes a thorough set of diacritics for Western and Central European languages.

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The Gravity family is a unique series of heavy square slab serifs intended mainly for display usage. Gravity Normal exhibits impact with legibility. Gravity Nova is fine-tuned to showcase brawn and beauty. Gravity Supernova, the most audacious of the family, commands attention with its extremely dense, mechanical design. Each weight includes diacritics for Western and Central European languages and is tightly spaced for maximum impact.

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Ryno Slab is a superslab that was born out of a need for an aggressive, heavy, geometric display face that did not appear clunky. Its serifs are so thick, you could create reasonably legible word shapes by using all caps and masking the words out.

Ryno Slab’s tough geometric exterior and squarish forms make it suitable for tight setting in posters, t-shirts, and artwork. Also, an extended character set with support for European languages make Ryno Slab a good fit for magazine headlines.

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Markup is a fresh, clean, handwriting font suitable for use in many applications. At large sizes, the letters showcase their smooth, natural curves. At text sizes, its sharp rhythm makes for a casual personality while still remaining legible.

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